SRJC Community Education
September 24th – October 29th, 6-7 pm 1105 Haehl Pavilion, Santa Rosa Campus

Teacher: Allison Porter Klinger GCFP

This class consists of simple Awareness Through Movement® lessons which emphasize learning to move more efficiently by coming aware of how your body works. This method uses movement as a means of increasing self-awareness. With Awareness Through Movement® you will learn to improve your posture, flexibility and coordination, alleviate pain and discomfort due to tension, stress and past injuries. You will relax chronically stiff muscles and increase your range of movement, as well as increase your vitality and energy.

These effective and easy-to-do exercises are beneficial for people of any age and any physical condition, from ordinary people to professional athletes and performers, as well as those recovering from injuries. Free yourself from habitual patterns and begin to enjoy the quality of your life.

Click here to register online:

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