Inside your chest is a treasure trove of life sustaining elements and processes. As life proceeds, most of these elements function without your noticing…breath, heartbeats, digestion, many types of chemical reactions, muscles and skeleton moving in concert and more, all in service of your survival. Through the years, you may have adopted habits of immobility, resulting in unnecessarily shallow breath, limited rotating and reaching abilities; many believe they have a rib cage that just does not move. What if you could lengthen your side, allowing your ribs to expand while reaching? What if you could see farther behind you when you turn your head by including more of your self in the turning? Awareness of how you move now, and introduction of a new possibility brings amazing results.

How might language (and habits) be affecting your movement? The connotation of a cage is a structure that encloses. Your rib cage encloses and protects elements and processes for survival; all twelve ribs (on each side) attach to your vertebrae in the back, and ten attach to your sternum in the front, while two bottom ones remain unattached in the front. The structure protects your vital organs while remaining moveable beyond your dreams and within your capabilities.

The treasure hidden inside you is this potential for deep learning and growth that brings with it a more full and accurate self awareness, muscular ease and increased vitality.

In my upcoming Awareness Through Movement® series, we will work and play with these ideas, expanding self awareness of breathing, including deeper understanding of how arms and legs work with the torso, pelvis and ribs in reaching, turning, and walking.

Come for the whole series and receive a discount on one private Functional Integration®  lesson. Purchase a series of Functional Integration sessions and come to the ATM series free of charge.

Call Allison at 707 799 1523 to pre-register for Awareness Through Movement® classes and to schedule your individualized Functional Integration® session today.

Class days and times:

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm at The Center for Sacred Studies, 13550 Church Street, Guerneville

October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18, December 2, 2015.

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