I have had the honor to participate in the Caerus Artist Residency for a second time. This residency could not have come at a better time. As we have been enduring shelter in place for almost four months now, I have appreciated being able to focus my energy on my projects and feel the support of other artists in the process.

Here is a link to the FaceBook album of twenty nine artists’ art submitted for this virtual show: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3266490373374612&type=3

Thanks go to Suzanne Edminster (see her work at https://saltworkstudio.com) and Nishi Marcus for spearheading this project.

I was inspired to create a pendulum after seeing a video of one very recently. I thought to myself, could I do this? I looked in our garage. We had the space, though I would have to move things around for a few weeks.

My husband helped me get a hook in the ceiling, I bought myself some drop cloths and a drill for the holes in the paint cans. I went to the hardware store and bought some “Oops paint,” that is, paint that was mixed erroneously, so it was inexpensive and would have been discarded.

It took some thinking through the process, to get started. I attached the quart size paint can to the pendulum, turned over the can, drilled a hole in the can, then held the hole closed with a finger, as I carefully flipped the can back over, stood where I wanted the image to start, then send the can and pendulum on its way.

Then, watching the paint pour out, I had to strategize when I would catch the can, place my finger on the hole, and try not to drip on the beautiful pristine lines that were created.

I eventually learned and played with the trajectory of the pendulum, the size of the hole, taping two cans together, and layering different color paint into one can, then pouring from it.

Below is my first pour. As you can see, I had no idea how far the paint was going to go, and I missed out on the ends of this pour, which are really my favorite part. It was quite exhilarating to do this!

The next one is unfinished. I plan to add watercolors to this in the very near future. I read a comment from another artist relating to the cupping created in this piece. There is something very satisfying about the pristine lines that create the curves that seem to gather into a sphere.

Allison Porter Klinger
Yellow Counterpoise
Pendulum Series #2
Interior house paint on watercolor paper
7’8” X 5’8”
Price Undetermined
Venmo available upon request.

Next I painted a canvas drop cloth the most beautiful lavender. I loved the color so much, and it was $9 for the gallon in the “Oops paint”…I liked it so much I had my hubby take some photos of me moving on it.

I LOVE this background color, I am considering adding additional detail. For this one, I taped 2 quart cans together and spun them… twice. All paint in this piece are “Oops paint” which is paint that was mixed at the hardware store by accident, so they were a bargain. And such great colors! 

Allison Porter Klinger
Lotus Mine
Pendulum Series #4
Interior house paint on canvas
9’ X 5’9”
Venmo available upon request. 

Unfortunately the next one was walked on by my big puppy dog. This is why I call it “For the Dogs.” It is twelve feet by three feet. I will cut it up and use parts on some collage work.

Close up of “For the Dogs”
Close up of “For the Dogs”

I am grateful for having had the chance to be a part of Caerus Artist Residency during this time in our country’s history… sheltering in place has been challenging in ways that are still unfolding. Finally, it seems our country’s endemic racism is being illuminated, recorded, realized, addressed. This is my piece for peace in the USA. #BlackLivesMatter

Allison Porter Klinger
Red #Blackandblue
Pendulum Series #6
Interior house paint on canvas
10’ X 5’3”
Venmo available upon request.

This next one was my last pendulum pour. For that reason it was bittersweet. I have thoroughly loved this process, getting messy, playing with forces and color. Now it’s time to clean up and give my family the garage space back. This one is a nod to my first Caerus Artist Residency, in which I worked with digital drawings. There was one with a large green and blue sphere being swept up into the elsewhere, while a pink figure stands in the corner. Temporal Force was created with two quart cans of paint taped together and spinning.     

Allison Porter Klinger
Temporal Force
Pendulum Series #8
Interior house paint on canvas
7.5’ X 5’
Venmo available upon request

Movement inspires me. Color inspires me. I have especially loved working on such a large scale. I will continue to explore painting on large surfaces.

If you are interested in a commissioned pendulum piece or any other art, please contact me at 707.799.1523.

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