Allison Porter Klinger has over thirty years of experience in dance, movement education and the healing arts. With a concentration in Psychology and Spanish from Louisiana State University, upon graduation she spent several years working in the field as an Outward Bound Instructor in Maine, while continuing to teach dance. Allison has a keen interest in kinesthetic learning, and she soon became a massage therapist, practicing in Texas and California. Having learned of the potential of the Feldenkrais Method in the mid 1990’s, she began the SemioPhysics Feldenkrais Training in 1997, and graduated after 800 hours of study in the Summer of 2000. She has practiced the Method in Sonoma County for the last 19 years. Most recently, Allison worked with UCSF/SFVA research teams developing and implementing an integrative movement program for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

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